Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morong 43 case again. When will the president act?

What's with the justice system in the Philippines?

Let us take for example, the case of the Morong 43 detainees, who have already endured 8 months of detention after being suspected and searched for illegal possession of grenades and other explosives.

They were also conveniently charged with possession of guns during an election period.

Let us emphasize the obvious

  1. The raid was illegal since the search warrant was for some person NOT with the group.

  2. The search was conducted with out a witness from the group to the search process. For all we know, it is quite easy to plant evidence under the beds or any other hiding places.

  3. It smacks of a plan by some military groups to get a "promotion" and that has happened already.

A nation which cannot protect the rights of persons of due process cannot be expected to be a good place to live in. Such considerations, aside from economic factors, may be strong motivating force for some families to emigrate to other countries.

Based on technicalities of the search procedure and illegal detention alone, the Morong 43 should be released immediately.

Let us see if the country can solve the case of the tortured and missing and presumably dead Karen Empeno and her companions.

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