Monday, November 29, 2010

The world is not afraid of the superpower U.S. of A. anymore

The wikileaks revelation should be an eye-opener not only for America's predident Obama but also for all Americans. The aura of America's dominant status is now being shred to pieces by terrorists, its enemies, critics and even from its own misguided leaders.

Revealing sensitive diplomatic cables should be treated as an act of war and the people behind Wikileaks should be put to jail, haunded for their responsibilty in contributing to nihilism and descent into lawlessness. The U.S. Constitution has been hijacked as a legal cloak for the wikileaks all in the name of freedom of information.

What do the people behind wikileaks want? They want to show the world that they are more powerful than their own or other governments, that the Internet age has bestowed the ordinary "helpless" person powers unimagined in the past.

This shows that the NSA(National Security Agency) is not doing its job! Rather than ensuring security, the wikileaks episode has shown that people is the weakest link in the diplomatic communications chain.

We hope that Americans wake up to the fact that their country is now more vulnerable and should not be surprised if it capitulates to a foreign milirary invasion not only from imagined enemies but also from imagined friends.

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