Sunday, January 9, 2011

China's new stealth planes may change the politics of the Asian-Pacific region.

The Chinese newest 5th generation stealthy Chengdu J-20 military fighter aircraft, reportedly bigger than the comparable F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning fighter planes of the United States will figure prominently in discussion of the military, socio-economic topics of the Asian Pacific region.
It may equip China with weapons to turn the balance of power to its advantage and may pressure Japan to embark on a a justified military buildup, an arms race the world DOES NOT NEED!

The U.S. has shown amazing restraint after WWII to gobble up and dominate countries, and in fact played a role in helping former enemies to produce amazing economic growth and wealth for their citizens.

From the free online wikipedia ,the prototype of the J-20 will make its trial flight in January 2010.

DescriptionClaimed Values
No. of pilots/copilots1
Length 75 feet (23m)
takeoff weight 75,000-80,00 lbs(34-36 kg)
jet engineRussian Saturn

With Chinese labor comparatively the cheapest in the world and with endowment of rich natural resources including "rare earths", China will have easy chances to trump the best of American air power technology.

Expect more national pride, flagwaving demonstration of military might.

Meanwhile our poorly lead country is just in the sidelines of history. We may only merit a footnote in the pages of the world history. We have to cast away selfish leadership of the country, who knows, China may take advantage of the fractious politics of the Philippines and put this God forsaken country under China's hegemony.

We expect to hear also the drums of fear mongerers that the U.S. will be lagging behind, to enable more orders for the very expensive F-22 and to start another fighter development program. Past programs have given the U.S. the F-16, F-15, F-18, F-14 planes. Though they are marvels of engineering, we shudder at the thought that they could have been and will be used in a global war!

We hope that the leaders of the superpowers think of the survival of all humanity and not ONLY of their own people. We may be near in time of the Armageddon.


Russias newest plane T-50

U.S. F-22 Raptor

U.S. F-35 Lighning II

01/10/2010 First document version.

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