Friday, July 13, 2012

Excuse me, it is those critical lawyers who should be disbarred in search for chief justice


The most current opposition to the submission of Leila de Limas for Chief Justice comes from lawyer Atty. Rico Paolo Quicho, who served as Corona's defense counsel during the impeachment trial. Said he:

We cannot cherry-pick our morality. The same lofty legal and moral standards that were applied in unseating a chief justice should likewise be bases in naming a new one.

She does not possess the qualities of competence, integrity, probity and independence as made apparent by the facts surrounding her two disbarment cases,

Two disbarrment cases were filed against de Lima. One, by Attorney Agustin Sundiam, castigates De Lima of publicly encouraging the bashing of Corona. The other, by Attorney Ricardo Rivera, meanwhile, wanted her disbarred for her defiance of a Supreme Court-issued temporary restraining order allowing former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to travel abroad late last year.

I believe that their plea to have de Lima disbarred stems from de Lima's principled stand against the Corona Supreme Court. I believe that de Lima has made the right choice of DISOBEYING an UNJUST Temporary Restraining Order. Recall, that GMA wanted to travel abroad for the seeming purpose of seeking medical help, when the medical expertise can be simply found here! No, de Lima was justified in suspecting that former president GMA was scheming to escape to an unnamed foreign country without an extradition pact or treaty with the country!

May I suggest instead that the Supreme Court, which can discipline lawyers should instead look beyond this opposition to de Lima. In hindsight, these lawyers simply do not want to lose TWICE over the Corona affair. One for the quilty verdict against against Corona, the other for stopping de Lima nomination as a candidate for Supreme Court Justice because de Lima served as witness against Corona. de Lima actually has shown high standard of MORALITY.

In other words, we are suggesting that opposing lawyers to de Lima, should be the one disbarred for one crazy reason: SPITE. :)

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