Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Gods are not smiling on De Lima as Chief Justice

We are amazed at the confident public posturing of Leila de Lima, the current Justice Secretary and former Chairperson of Human Rights Commision (from 2008-2010). She has been vocal in asserting that she is very qualified, that she has and had shown independence, and has the moral courage to stand up for what SHE believes is right.

It is this frankness and upfront character of de Lima which rubs off on her critics. They want a Supreme Court Chief Justice who is quiet in temperament, abhors the limelight and someone who is not so close to the President. These characteristics of de Lima should have made her turn down her candidacy to the vacant Supreme Court Chief Justice position!

It is clear that de Lima's detractors cannot find a more valid and weighty reasons for the unsuitability of de Lima!

So let us just wait for the Judicial Bar Council to do its job of pruning the list of candidates, a list which the president himself can IGNORE! It is not de Lima who has shortcomings as Chief Justice, but it is her critics who have fallen too low to the point of making disparaging remarks about the acceptance of nomination by the Justice Secretary.

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