Friday, December 28, 2012

Never accept a culture of violence against women and children!

Our hearts go out to the victim of a very violent gang rape in India. The latest news was that the 23 years old young woman died in a Singaporean hospital. The girl was assaulted in a bus and thrown out by the sidewalk by more than five drunk young men.

India is actually advanced economically and technologically. But the national outrage over the sensational crime, with Indian government policemen against protesters should now bring focus to this aspect of Indian culture of degrading treatment of women.

Women's rights and safety is a universal concern! Let us learn from this sad event.

For more details, see reports of her death[1] and more gruesome details in [2].
Being a woman or a girl in India carries with it a heavy yoke! See [3].

[1] Retuers: India gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital

[2]Foxnews, january 4, 2013

[3] Why dont you kill her?

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  1. Agreed. Unfortunately, crimes like this happen all over the world, including the Philippines. The fight must go on!