Thursday, December 13, 2012

Philippine Lower House approves RH BILL, the ball is in the SENATE now!

It is good that the lower house or the house of representatives by majority vote approve the House version of the Reproductive Health Bill. But the timing cannot be propitious when this bill comes up to the Senate. Remember this is Christmas Season and the Senate might go in recess into the immediate near future. This is a sad history of the RH bill which has been in gestation for more than ten years!

You can see the names of the 113 congressmen who voted yes or 104 who voted no and three who abstained. It is reported that three congressmen from Cebu were absent during the voting.See 12/12/2012 issue.

It is a little amusing how the NO votes justified their stand. This graphic by John Dy, shared in fAcebook shows it all(copy and paste on the url bar to view):

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