Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ultimately the past will come back to haunt and mark you, when will Bill Cosby confess?

It happened 35 to 40 years ago, but more women victims , (more than TWENTY women in all right now!), are just starting to come out and make embarassing revelations about what Bill Cosby did to them. As far as I am concerned, these women did MEET Bill Cosby. What happened afterwards is left to the imagination and the courts. Too bad, the supposed acts by Bill Cosby may not be put to a criminal trial anymore due to the long lapsed years. Obviously, Mr. Cosby has resorted to letting his lawyer(s) Martin Singer talk:

"The new, never-before-heard claims from women who have come forward in the past two weeks with unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they say occurred 30, 40, or even 50 years ago have escalated far past the point of absurdity, These brand new claims about alleged decades-old events are becoming increasingly ridiculous, and it is completely illogical that so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement or asserted civil claims if they thought they had been assaulted over a span of so many years."

Public domain image by Master Sgt. Brandt Smith, (wikipedia).

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