Monday, March 28, 2011

How long will the Noynoy administration solve and bring justice to the killing of journalist Marlina Flores Sumera?

You thought that the killings of journalists done with so much impunity during the GMA administration will miraculously stop during this first year of the Noy^2 administration?

The Philippines remain alas, cursed by politics and vested interests. And journalists, either doing their broadcasting work or doing social work for the benefit of small people are still prime targets of the preservers of the status quo: to make the Philippines remain a backward country.

We call on the Noy^2 administration to exert more efforts and to be conscious everday of the developements and progress or lack thereof in bringing justice to the slain journalist who left behind three young children. If nothing is done, the blood of Madam Sumera will be upon the administration of this Noynoy^2 administration whose head is a member of the rich landed gentry.

Madame Sumera was killed last Friday, 5 days to this date while waiting for a jeepney transport. Her killer was thought to be hird cold blooded professional. May her soul rest in peace an galvanize the ordinary people to act if the government will not act!

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