Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rrussian state televeision broadcasts false stories of downing of Malaysian Airlines System passenger Boeing 777 plane

Putin has something to hide and am sure has approved the airing of a farfetched explanation of the downing of a passenger plane high above the skies in a rebel held area of Ukraine. The official story line which the Russians want the world to believe is that a Ukrainian airforce MIG 29 blasted the hapless airliner out of the skies with an air to air missile last July 17, 2014.

Unfortunately, the claim could not hold water. Firstly, some have commented that background landscape had already been published before. And secondly, and most important, the passenger plane in the photo could not be a 777. The only conclusion from analyses is that the whole "documentary" presentation was a crude fake.

Photograph courtesy of the BBC from the Russian Channel One TV broadcast. Republished in the public interest.

The Russians are trying to escape blame. They still, through the rebels, do not allow investigators to visit the crash site, though they allowed the Dutch to remove human remains from the crash site.

We reiterate that the pro-Russian separatists near the Donetsk region of Crimea fired a SAM (surface to air missile), specifically the BUK missile system which came from Russia.Daily Mail. Technical information: Wikipedia: Buk missile system.

For more information, visit the link BBC: Web users debunk Russian TV's MH17 claim and the informative summary Wikipedia article: Wikipedia: Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_17

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