Friday, January 25, 2013

Will Enrile's magnificent performance in Corona trial be forgotten?

Is it time for Enrile to retire from Philippine politics? This brilliant lawyer has captured and amazingly maintained the interest of the Philippine Republic by his close association with presidents from Marcos, Awuino, Ramos, and Macapagal-Arroyo.He is still considered a "friendly" with the Aquino administration serving as Senate president.

The Philippines was transfixed by the professional attitude displayed by Senator Enrile during the impeachment trial of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Now, that impression will go down the drain by the ungentlemanly way of rebuffing a fellow Senator Alan Peter Cayetano's recent privilege speech assailing not Senator Enrile but rather his Chief of Staff and a lawyer Gigi Reyes. The latter was said to be one of the reasons why Enrile's socialite wife left him. It was not only Ms. Reyes (a married woman) but others were linked romantically to Senator Enrile.

What a spectacle of Senator Enrile attacking Sen. Cayetano by mentioning that the father of the latter owed him with a still unpaid millions of pesos in a private housing loan! Such low blows are unexpected of a respected Senator, removing a possible tag of "Great" senator in the future for Enrile.

The best thing for Enrile now is simply to resign and leave the leadership of the Senate to younger Senators. He has his fill of the spotlight for too long in the political stage of the Republic of the Philippines. Senator Enrile just lost his aura of acumen and worse his respectability. He should follow the irrevocable resignation of his Chief of Staff Gigi Reyes.

Coming back to the title of this piece, we can only tell that his performance during the Corona trial is not worth remembering with affection. What he did was to put irreparable harm to the Upper Chamber of Congress which is the Senate. Senator Enrile is not beyond reproach. The longer he stays as Senate President the more the reputation of the Senate will be damaged.

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