Friday, January 4, 2013

Venezuela after Hugo Chavez

Flash: Hugo Chavez dies!
Long live Venezuela! Remember Chavez!

We do not really know when Hugo Chavez leave the stage of being president of Venezuela. Who knows, younger political commentators may even die before Chavez dies of cancer, even after surgical operations in Cuba, The latest news is that Chavez suffers from respiratory infection from a severe lung infection which was publicized last June 2011.

We can say that Hugo Chavez has done much for Venezuela's self esteem. And Chavez heart really felt for welfare of the masses of Venezuelans. He was inspired by Omar Torrijos (succesful land reform program) and by Juan Velasco, a leftist president of Peru, but disappointed with Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Venezuela has no insurgencey problem and enjoys its income from oil produced in its territory and Chavez did not hesitate to use it as a bargaining weapon in the world stage. However the government of Venezuela does not control the nation's economy.

We believe that Chavez is still held in esteem in general by the majority of Venezuelans, but death can strike anyone and anytime. We hope that there will be a peaceful transition before Chavez leaves Venezuela.

Venezuela's constitution provides that in case the president or president-elect dies or is declared unable to continue in office,the president of the National Assembly will act as acting president, until a new presidential vote.

President re-elect Chavez will take his oath of office on June 10, 2013.

For the latest news see [2].

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