Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Senator Enrile reaping the whirlwind?

After giving away public money, millions of pesos from savings of the Senate, to most of his fellow senators and less than a million for some senators [the two Cayetanos, Miriam and Trillanes][Ref. 3] this past Christmas, Senator Enrile is in the hot seat after a searing privilege speech by Senator Alan Cayetano.[Ref 2]

It seems that the four senators were quite vocal in support, aside from introducing the measure in the Senate, over the recently approved RH bill. Enrile and his allies were against the passage.

We dont have the transcript but Cayetano lambasted the Senate President for sending his chief of staff, Ms Gigi Reyes to preside over some of Senate meetings(caucuses).

In a shocking countercharge, Senator Enrile mentioned that the late father of Alan and Pia, a partner in the same law office as Enrile, owed Enrile millions of pesos for a house loan on materials. Such below the belt replies earned Senator Enrile criticisms from the mass media and social networks.

Now the Senate is in the glare of unwanted publicity, erasing its record of fine performance during the trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

It is good that our journalists are not sleeping on their jobs, this "scandal" will be fodder for newspapers, radio and tv outlets and social networks.

Gigi Reyes is considered a major reason why Enrile's wife of 30 years left him. She has offered to resign[1], but Enrile refused to accept her resignation.

Enrile has been Senate President since 2008.

Further reading:

[1] Enrile's Chief of Staff, Atty. Gigi Reyes quits

[2] Senate minority whip Alan Cayetano delivers historic speech in Senate

[3] Enrile originally wanted to give all senators 1.3 million pesos each.

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