Saturday, July 10, 2010

Does her honor Merceditas Gutierrez have any decency to retire early?

YOu can be sure that the former president and now congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made her decision smartly in choosing Merceditas Gutierez as head of the Ombudsman. Merceditas, supposedly a classmate of the FG (First Gentleman) never included in the charge sheet in the fertilizer scam(728 Million pesos! Sus!), the president of course. After all during her term, the president enjoyed immunity.

But wait, can the honorable Gutierrez point out any big corrupt politician to his/her by the Ombudsman? Does not the Philippines suffer from high corruption index? I can't recall any jailed big fish , perhaps our readers can enlighten us. And this is the sad non-performance which may be galling to some.

Gutierrez was precisely put in the office of the Ombudsman to protect her bosses. Let's give her the benefit of this doubt. Let's leave it to her the decision to retire silently and give the position to more deserving ones.

Readers, your opinion please. And can you send us the names of big fishes associated with the Macapagal Boulevard scam, the Fertilizer scam and the NBN-ZTE scam? Successfully prosecuted and jailed by the Ombudsman? Most of these scams have the fingerprint of powerful persons!

And ye' know, thar's no need for the Truth Commision if the Ombudsman was doing its independent, constitutional mandated job. Damn!

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