Thursday, July 8, 2010

Release the sick and pregnant detainees out of the Morong 43 now!!

President Aquino may have more pressing problems at the moment, but past problems left uncorrected may blow up in his face if he does not move heaven and earth on the release of the Morong 43 detainees.

We don't like to dwell anymore on the details of grenades, rifles found in the Morong compound where the health workers were arrested, since they may be planted and there are no independent witnesses to corrobate the arresting soldiers claim of weapons found. After all, they ordered everyon to get out of the compound.

So we appeal to the president, release at least the pregnant and the sick among the Morong 43 TODAY! on humanitarian grounds, if the government has legal infirmities that prevents the release of the whole Morong 43.

Time is of the essence. President's Aquino honeymoon days may be over come August 30. And his stand on the Morong 43 will be closely watched.

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