Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tax Evaders in our midst: The Villarica case.

It is incredible that in a poor country (as in poorly managed) as ours. some people elect to display indecent behavior (not the flash your private parts) but flash the latest sports cars on the high ways.

In the news is that the owner of Villarica pawnshop has not paid a centavo in taxes over the past EIGHT years. This the fact that he drives around in showy and flashy Lamborghini and a Ferrari cars.
He should instead be put to jail immediately. Instead, he will be charged for tax evasion by the DOJ with the possbility that he can escape to other countries.

The complaint sheet file by the BIR charged Villarica of

“attempting to evade and willful failure to file income tax returns from 2002 to 2009, except for 2007 when he filed a return of zero tax payment.”

He has paid a miserly total of only 25,607 pesos from 1998 to 2009! Yet the price of the Lamborghini sports car was P26 million pesos! as shown by a deed of sale from the Land Transportation Office(LTO). This alone renders a tax deficiency of P16.2 million plus P6.3 million in value-added tax against Villarica, said the BIR. His pawnshops has not paid for any taxes on profits of the pawnshop branches that could reach P1 billion per year. According to Villarica's claims, his pawnshops already stopped operations, but the BIR found that all five branches registered under Villarica’s name are still operating.

Will these evaders be shot in public. Hell NO! This is not China or Vietnam where crooks are dispatched with a bullet to the head.

Take a lessons from the recent case of Wesley Snipes. In the U.S. , the IRS and the prosecutors are very much dedicated to their jobs seeing that tax-evaders have their due in prison!
Wesley Snipes Appeal Sentence.

Incredible. Suwapang! Terrible.
Source: Philstar.

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