Friday, July 2, 2010

Roll your eyes? Same promises to eliminate insurgency from the newest AFP Chief of Staff

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Our newest 41st Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Ricardo David Jr. promised the following:

1. End to insurgency in “two to three years” time through efficient use of its resources and effective strategy.

David said that his strategy to end insurgency in the country was to increase the number of troops and to change focus on some areas where insurgency was prevalent.
However, they have yet to determine how many troops will be added to the military force.
You know, we should have spent more attention to foreign threats and bullying in our outlying islands. The AFP uses insurgency as a justification for a big chunk of the national budget.

Insurgency will continue as long as we don't have genuine land reform.

2. Uphold human rights and transparency in military operations.

“Our policy will be towards the judicious and prudent need of our resources and transparency in our operations. For as long as it will not compromise our national security, the AFP also in its operations will continue to be protector of human rights and will continue to respect human law and international humanitarian law,” David told
reporters in an interview.

“Our mission is clear: as an instrument of national policy we will be highly capable of professional military organization competent to address national security. Our priority is the decimation of insurgency in the country, which continues to derail our efforts to attain lasting peace and development,” he added.

We hope that the new AFP CS will realize that one test of his avowed plans is to see that he moves heaven and hell to release all political prisoners and "captured" health workers in Morong, Rizal. Can the new AFP bring back the body of Jonas Burgos, dead or alive to his grieving mother and family?
Can the new AFP bring a just closure to the case of the missing students Sherlyn Cadapan and her companions?

This is our armed forces and we are unhappy that it is being used for local counter insurgency. We suggest that the national leadership support our local leadership, especially in the early, timely and sufficient delivery of basic services like Health and infrastructure like better roads, and facilities for farmers. It is crazy that in these times, even national highways are used to dry palay!

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