Friday, July 2, 2010

A Referendum on a new Constitution?

Filipinos are the poorest students and practitioners of democracy. Whereas advanced countries try not to tamper much with their written constitutions (with amendments),and with the U.K not even having a written constitution, Filipinos revel in wasteful exercise of changing the constitution as it suits them. And it suits them very BADLY.

If there is going to be a referendum, the best time to do it is NOW! so the legislators, voted by the people will have more time to face more pressing issues squarely, than having a new instrument of perpetuating or prologing themselves in power, which is of course the main reason of the Constitutional Convention in the first place!

We hope that we get this out of the system, The basic ten commandments never had an extreme changes as the Philippine 1935, 1987(did we miss a year?)Constitutions. Do we need another one to fill in the throats of the Filipino nation? SICK.

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