Saturday, July 24, 2010

President (Noy)^2 should not be so predictable!

Even before he will deliver his first SONA (State of the Nation Address), (Noy)^2 gave hints that he will divulge the fact that the budget for 2010 has almost been spent away by the previous Gloria administration. This is so sad, by becoming predictable, he gave people who has done some petty, large or astounding corruption misdeeds a good reason to plan how to evade, prepare for any potential charges! (Noy)^2 should not be predictable! He should not give any people against him the Damocles sword hanging precariously on his own administration.

Worse, the overall effect is to become a bore, and a do-nothing, since energy for constructive punishement is just dissipated.

As is, Gloria, now a congressperson, will jet to Hongkong to be at his husband's side for checkup in Hongkong. Maybe the doctors there are much cheaper, but the reason we think she is just escaping the expected scathing condemnation in the SONA.

Again we gave a concerned warning to (Noy)^2. Do not be so predictable, including his daily entourage trip from his home to Malacanang.

(Noy)^2, beware, avoid giving hints about what you will say or describe your routine.

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