Friday, November 18, 2011

The clock is winding down for Bashar Assad of Syria

The United Nations has charged that Syria's ruling government forces has committed mass murder of more than 250 children, including one 12 year old so she would not grow into a demonstrator! Times of India

The Arab League, except for the client state of Lebanon and Iraq, has imposed economic sanctions on Syria. The move will add more pressures to the current Assad's leadership. For more details: Nov 27, WSJ:Arab League Overwhelmingly Imposes Sanctions on Syria

Bashar Assad, who inherited the mantle of the country's leadership from his strongman father Hafez Assad is in trouble!

The country's army is now rife with desertions and the continued harassment on the populace is building a wall of impending general uprising, which may topple him and his rule, which already happened to Mummar Qaddafi of Libya. Already the Arab League has suspended Syria! And much worse,fellow Arab countries like Libya, Tunisia and Turkey has derecognized his regime.

Israel, its "enemy" may not like this, since the future is so unpredictable. Who knows Assad may be replaced by a more militant adventurous leader, who wants to erase the shame of losing the Golan Heights in two major wars with Israel, and to retaliate against the bombing by the IAF of a reactor Operation Orchard.

We prefer that a stable Syria contributes to the relative calm in the Middle East, a powder keg about to blow up anytime with intrasigent non-arab Iran waiting and watching.

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