Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pakistan-US tensions ratcheting up!

Pakistan and the United States are supposed to be allies, but events compounded by miscommunications or mistrust is increasing the degree of separation between the two with regards to battling remnants of the Taliban.

The news item Wall Street Journal: Afghans Say Pakistan Fired First in NATO Attack mentioned that 25 Pakistani soldiers died and 25 wounded when fighter jets and helicopter gunships pounded two military outpostts in Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. Some sources say that Pakistani forces fired first provoking a disproportionate response from US forces.

The US should not alienate further the military establishment in Pakistan. Even though suspicions are rife that the it gave refuge to Bin Laden in a military controlled area, it is still an ally. The solution is beyond military, this calls for more civilian cooperation as Pakistans [regligious] militancy is fearsomely growing. Soon the prospect of a nuclear powered Pakistan in Islamic control and unsympathetic to the US will be a specter taking on more solid reality.

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