Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Iran, fooling the world about its secret nuclear weapons program??!!

I would not be surprised if Iran explode a nuclear device sometime in the future. Already there are intelligence reports that Iran received key assistance from a Soviet scientist for developing fast multiple detonators which will compress fissile material to start an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction, in other words an ATOMIC BOMB!

Iran is really not viewed as a friendly country by ARAB states except for Syria and formerly Libya. It continued subterfuge in misleading the world about its nuclear power ambitions is not lost on Israel, the US and Western countries. Russia and China are the two irresponsible world powers which encouraged and still encourages Iran in providing under the table scientific and military support. In fact Russia has provided the latest anti-aircraft missile systtem to Iran.

We will not be surprised if Israel, alone if necessary , do a long range military operation to shutdown the nuclear capability of Iran. Iranian leaders have long targeted Israel for destruction! Their antisemitic cries are actually a smokescreen for envy and jealousy that Islamic countries have against Israel in science, technology, culture and commerce. For too long, Iran with the connivance of Russia and China has issued false hopes that it only continue to pursue peaceful uses for nuclear power. The stories of Fukushima and Chernobyl are lost and forgotten by Iran.

We are afraid we may witness the tragedy of those who play with fire will be consumed by fire.

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