Friday, November 18, 2011

President Arroyo as a criminal

We now have the spectacle of a once powerful president, a daughter of a past president, who has accomplished the following in her years of governing:

1. Participated actively in pursuing contracts with ZTE.
2. Had a secretary of agriculture transfer a lot of money to her presidential campaign.
3. Supported the politically savvy Ampatuan family and got 100% votes in their area of influence
4. Travelled around the world, costing the Republic more than a billion of pesos!
5. Prevented a logical family planning program because she is a good Catholic.
6. Selected a classmate of her husband to head the Ombudsman

We could add more, but let us pause at that. It is good that a court of Pasay has already issued a warrant of arrest for the former president and a current Pampanga congresswoman. It will be interesting to watch the Supreme Court which she packed with loyal justices "fight" with the Executive branch. It is not Pinoy's fault but hers that it came to this!

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